Speech Therapy

The expert speech therapy team at Franklin County Rehab works to help improve and maintain your communication systems in a thorough and enjoyable way. We use a variety of programs and activities that work on both verbal and nonverbal communication.

Speech Therapy Services:

  • We provide cognitive assessments and treatments to improve functional tasks following accidents, head injuries, or strokes.
  • Our experts work with verbal and nonverbal communication to improve and maintain communication systems.
  • We provide voice assessments and treatment.
  • We provide swallowing evaluations and help with discharge planning from rehab to home.

Did you Know?: Our rehabilitation team creates an individualized treatment program developed with the interdisciplinary team of nursing, social services, activities and dietary in consultation with your physicians. Your recovery is our main goal!

Visit Franklin County Rehab Center at:

Franklin County Rehab
110 Fairfax Road St. Albans, VT

Call: 1-802-752-1600

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