Physical Therapy

Recovering from an injury or recently had surgery? Our amazing physical therapy team at The Villa is here to help you recover quickly with an individualized treatment program based on your needs.

Physical Therapy Services:

  • We provide instruction in exercises that improve strength, flexibility, balance and mobility.
  • We implement and teach techniques to reduce or eliminate pain from musculoskeletal injuries.
  • We help with therapy after joint replacement surgeries.
  • We implement and teach techniques for adapting to challenges of temporary or permanent physical disability.
  • We also help with discharge planning from our rehabilitation center to your home.
Did you Know?: We motivate you to recover quickly not only with our excellent rehabiliation programs, but also through activities such as gardening, beach ball, video games, and more. We want your rehabilitation to be fun!

Visit The Villa at:

The Villa Rehab Center
7 Forest Hill Dr, St Albans City, VT 05478
Call: 1-802-524-3498
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